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    Are you still worried about these problems
    Worry about the strength of manufacturers?
    We focus on the R & D and design of automation system for 12 years, and we can customize the automation equipment and overall solutions according to customer requirements.
    Are you worried if the technical support can keep up?
    We will help you to install quickly and cheaply, and reduce business impact. Send personnel to guide training on site and solve technical problems.
    Is the equipment cost-effective?
    Huazhongyuan independent R & D design, production and sales, factory direct sales mode, first-hand supply without intermediate links, affordable sales for you to save money.
    Worried about the instability of the machine?
    Each of our automation equipment, after strict quality inspection process, machine work stability, improve production efficiency and man hour。
    Is it easy to learn equipment debugging and installation?
    Our equipment, has been widely verified in the market, customers generally reflect that the equipment is easy to debug and install, easy to operate, save time and effort。
    Is the product after-sales service guaranteed?
    We are 24 hours waiting for customers' needs, providing various after-sales quality assurance, technical services, so that you can buy at ease and use at ease。
    Huazhongyuan equipment is provided for you free of charge
    Standard automation equipment, non-standard customization and application solutions
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    Core advantages
    Strong enterprise strength,Give you confidence!
    Since 2009, we have researched and developed automatic soldering machine, automatic screw machine and automatic dispensing machine. We are a professional automation equipment manufacturer integrating design, R & D and production. We are partners of Foxconn, Gree, BYD and other well-known enterprises. We have served more than 100 enterprises with rich industry experience.
    Efficient production efficiency and solutions,Let you worry!
    We have experienced technical team, 12 years of solder, 8 years of solder fixture design experience, with advanced processing and testing equipment, machining equipment up to 40, detection instruments more than 7 categories, strict quality control, with scientific production management system and efficient logistics system, to achieve efficient production and distribution.
    High standards, requirements and quality assurance,Peace of mind!
    Each product has passed through the three inspection gates of incoming materials, semi-finished products and final products. The perfect quality management system ensures the stable processing performance of products. The qualified rate of one-time delivery of parts reaches 99%, and the qualified rate of finished product delivery reaches 97%. Shenzhen Huazhongyuan firmly believes that quality determines the market of tomorrow!
    Perfect after-sales service system,Let you rest assured!
    What we provide is not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the goal of achieving win-win development with customers. According to the actual application scenarios of customers, we provide customized products and solutions, comprehensive technical guidance and training and teaching, which really help customers achieve efficient production and carry out safe operation, low loss and low-cost operation.
    About Us
    Shenzhen Huazhongyuan Technology Co., Ltd
    Shenzhen Huazhongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2009 and is committed to providing industrial customers with perfect system solutions for the transportation, metering, control, mixing, spraying, and process automation of fluid substances; the company's products include robots and automation systems Integration, fluid process control management system integration, professional industrial surface coating system integration, etc. The company mainly produces and sells UV spraying equipment, fixed gun coating equipment, automatic spraying systems, automatic spraying robots, powder spraying robots, automatic paint spraying machines, automatic coating Oil machine, hand spraying machine, animation spraying machine, toy spraying machine, five-axis reciprocating machine, precision spraying line, central turntable and other equipment. To better cooperate with world-renowned manufacturers and provide world-class products, systems and technologies, so that they can be widely used in auto parts, household appliances, 3C consumer products, digital laptops, plastics, electronics, hardware, etc. All walks of life. And is committed to providing customers with perfect industrial surface treatment equipment and professional fluid control management solutions and perfect services.
    What are the characteristics of spray robot
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    Spraying robot, also known as spraypaintingrobot, is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. It was ……
    Early spraying equipment had reciprocating machines and automatic spray guns for simple spraying. With the rapid development of technology a……
    Gas spraying robots are also called low-pressure gas spraying. The sprayer relies on low-pressure air to make the paint form an atomized air……
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